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Welcome to our Blog about Truck Dispatching. If you are not ready to enroll in our truck dispatcher training course but would like to learn more about the life of a truck dispatcher, you have come to the right place! In our blog, you will find a lot of useful information related to truck dispatching and issues associated with this profession.

LearnDispatch Team

What Are the 2 Most Critical Skills a Truck Dispatcher Must Possess?

We are often asked a very specific question: “What kind of skills do I need to become an independent truck dispatcher?” 

This question is asked by a wide range of people. They may be retired truck drivers, people related to someone who drives a truck, or...

Truck Dispatching Blog

Who hires independent truck dispatchers?


Today, we’re going to discuss what kind of trucking companies hire independent truck dispatchers and why they do so.

First, let’s recognize that not every trucking company needs an independent truck dispatcher. The main duty of the independent...

Truck Dispatching Blog

Learn How Truck Dispatchers Get Paid


Today, we're going to discuss how independent truck dispatchers get paid.


I am frequently asked, “How do you get paid as a truck dispatcher? Should I collect money from a freight broker? Do I need a factoring...

Truck Dispatching Blog

Who is an Independent Truck Dispatcher?

What would you expect my job to entail if I were to tell you I am an independent truck dispatcher? Would you have any idea at all what my day-to-day responsibilities include? 

Chances are the answer is no. Very few people understand what those who take on this role actually do for a living... 

Truck Dispatching Blog

Working Remotely as a Truck Dispatcher


Many of you have been asking if truck dispatching can be done remotely. Let’s see if that is even possible. 

Let’s imagine I am no longer in my office. I am sitting at the table in a restaurant near the beach. Let’s see if I have everything I need for...

Truck Dispatching Blog

Can You Access Load Boards Without an MC Number?


Many of our students have been asking if they could get access to the load board without an MC number. And for a long period of time, the answer was no.


However, things are changing. As we progress into the future, market participants realized the importance...

Truck Dispatching Blog

How much should you charge for dispatching trucks?


Hello, everyone. Today, we’re going to discuss what you can charge your clients as an independent truck dispatcher. 

As many of our students get ready to launch their truck dispatch service, they ask, “How much should I charge my clients for...

Truck Dispatching Blog

How to Look for Clients as a Truck Dispatcher: Online marketing


Today we're going to discuss a very important topic: finding clients as an independent truck dispatcher.


Finding clients is the biggest pain point for most aspiring truck dispatchers, and that’s not surprising. Finding clients is actually...

Truck Dispatching Blog

Direct Marketing for Truck Dispatchers


Today we will talk about direct marketing and how you can reach trucking companies as an independent truck dispatcher. 

In the previous post, Finding Clients as a Truck Dispatcher, we discussed the importance of marketing in general and online marketing...

Truck Dispatching Blog

How to choose your Truck Dispatcher Training - 5 Factors to consider


Today we're going to discuss how to choose truck dispatcher training courses.

And since I really would like to make it somewhat objective, I’ll discuss a couple of factors you should consider when selecting your training course.

Truck Dispatching Blog

Should a Truck Dispatcher Get a Freight Broker License?


In this post, we will review a couple of different scenarios to give you a better idea of whether you should or should not get your freight broker license.

However, before we move forward, let's make sure that you remember the differences between...

Truck Dispatching Blog

Should You Register a Company as a Truck Dispatcher?


Today, we will discuss whether you should register a company as an independent truck dispatcher.


Before we start reviewing various factors related to the company's registration, I would like to point out that...

Thumb - Company formation.png

Can You Work Part-Time as a Truck Dispatcher?

Today, we will try to answer whether you can do truck dispatching part-time.

If you don't feel like reading the entire post, I'm going to go ahead and tell you that dispatching trucks part-time is not impossible...

Truck Dispatching Blog

Should You Get an MC Number as a Truck Dispatcher?


Today, we will discuss whether you, as a truck dispatcher, should get an MC number.


To answer this question, I will provide you with two different scenarios. First, we’ll discuss why you shouldn't get...

Truck Dispatching Blog

Is It Hard to Start in Truck Dispatching?

Today, let’s ask ourselves, “how hard is it to start a truck dispatching service?”

People frequently ask how hard or easy it is to start a truck dispatching service. When answering this question, we need to consider...

Thumb - Is it hard to get started.png

Starting a Trucking Business Vs. a Truck Dispatching Business


Today we will discuss the startup of a trucking company and how it compares to the startup of an independent truck dispatching service.

When people try to get involved in the transportation industry, very often they’re selecting...

Thumb - Trucking vs Dispatching.png

Freight Brokering Vs. Truck Dispatching

Today we're going to discuss the startup of a freight brokerage and see how it compares with starting up a truck dispatching service.

As we have discussed in the previous post, there are three popular choices when people are trying to get into the transportation industry. 

Thumb - Brokering vs Dispatching.png

What Is a Lumper Fee?


Today, we will discuss what a lumper fee is and how you should deal with one as a truck dispatcher. 

Sooner or later, many of our students who start dispatching for their clients run into a situation involving a lumper fee. And quite often...

Thumb - Lumper.png

How to Select the Best Load


Today, let’s discuss how to select a good load and what factors to consider during a load-booking process.

Before we look at various factors affecting your booking decision, we need to point out what a good load is...

Thumb - Best load 1 (2).png

Should You Control a Driver’s Hours of Service as a Truck Dispatcher?


Today we’ll discuss drivers’ hours of service and if you, as an independent truck dispatcher, should control them. 

Hours of service describe how many hours a driver can drive, what kind of breaks they have to take, and so...

Thumb - HOS.png

How to Collect Dispatching Fees through a Virtual Terminal


Today we will discuss how you can collect dispatching fees from your clients by using a virtual terminal.

In our previous post, How Truck Dispatchers Get Paid, we discussed options that truck dispatchers could...

Thumb - Virtual Terminal.png

Shortages and Damages in Truck Dispatching


Today we're going to talk about shortages and damages. As an independent truck dispatcher, sooner or later, you will, unfortunately, run into a situation where you will have to deal with shortages or damages. 

But what are shortages and damages? 

Thumb - Shortages & Damages.png

Truck Dispatchers and Factoring Companies


Today’s post will discuss the relationship between independent truck dispatchers and factoring companies. Before we begin, though, let’s do a quick recap on what factoring is.

Factoring is when a company sells its account...

Thumb - Dispatch & Factoring.png

Load Rate Negotiations in Truck Dispatching


Today we will discuss load rate negotiations and how you, as an independent truck dispatcher, can get the highest rate possible. 

As you may know, many videos and articles teach people how to negotiate the highest load rate possible...

Thumb - Negotiations.png

The Myth of Trucking Applications Killing the Truck Dispatching Business


The trucking industry has seen a significant shift in recent years with the rise of trucking applications that allow drivers to book their own freight.

This has led to a lot of questions from prospective students wondering if these apps are killing the dispatching business...

Thumb - Trucking Apps.png

Truck Dispatching Service Agreement (contract): Why You Need One


As an independent truck dispatcher, you may wonder if you need to have a dispatch service agreement with your clients.

The answer is yes, and in this article, we will discuss what a dispatch service agreement is, why you need one, and how...

Thumb - Dispatch Agreement.png

Can You Dispatch Trucks Without Experience?


Today we're going to address a frequently asked question: Can you dispatch trucks without prior experience?

Many individuals who ask this query often confuse "experience" with "knowledge". They are actually asking...

Thumb - Dispatching Experience 2.png

TONU in Truck Dispatching


Today, we're addressing a topic that every independent truck dispatcher will eventually encounter: TONU. Let's delve deeper into what it means and its implications.

TONU stands for "Truck Ordered Not Used". To provide clarity...

Thumb - TONU.png

Empty Miles in Truck Dispatching


Today, we'll discuss the concept of empty miles in truck dispatching and assess the optimal distance a client should travel to pick up a load.

Empty miles refer to the distance a client (trucking company) must travel from their current location to...

Thumb - Empty miles.png

Dispatching Clients with New MC Number


Ever wonder if you should work with clients who just got their motor carrier authority?


Today we will discuss whether truck dispatchers should be working with clients with new MC numbers.

Thumb - New Motor Carriers.png
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