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Can You Access Load Boards Without an MC Number?

Truck Dispatch - Load boards

Many of our students have been asking if they could get access to the load board without an MC number. And for a long period of time, the answer was no.


However, things are changing. As we progress into the future, market participants realized the importance of independent truck dispatchers and the role they play in the trucking industry.

One example of such recognition is the fact that the largest load board in the US - DAT - is now providing access to independent truck dispatchers without an MC number. In order to get access, you will need to fulfill certain requirements and prove to the DAT staff that you are actually an independent truck dispatcher. In our course we discuss this in greater detail and even offer 30 days of free access to the DAT load board. 

To access other load boards, you will still need your client’s MC number. However, we believe it is just a matter of time before they start accepting users who service their main clients - Motor Carriers.

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