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Should Independent Truck Dispatchers Work with New Motor Carriers?

Dispatching New Motor Carriers

Hello everyone! Ever wonder if you should work with clients who just got their motor carrier authority? You're not alone. Picture this: You're setting up shop as an independent truck dispatcher. Your phone rings. It's a potential client asking, "Do you work with new MC numbers?" Why are they asking? And why should you care?

Here's the deal. When a motor carrier is fresh off the press with a new MC number, they're like a newborn—no track record, no safety record. For freight brokers, that's a gamble. They're thinking, "Is this new guy gonna hijack my load? Is he a reckless driver?" They don't know, and most aren't willing to roll the dice.

So, you call a broker to book a load. You drop that new MC number, and the broker says, "Sorry, can't help you." Sound familiar? If you've been through our course, you know this is a common roadblock.

Brokers want safety. They want experience. They'll tell you they need a motor carrier that's been around the block—three months, six months, a year. They want to see a safety record that shines. It's their way of playing it safe.

Now, why is your new client giving you the heads-up about being new? Simple. They know the game. They're worried you won't find them any freight. So, what do you do? Turn them away? Tell them to come back when they've got some miles under their belt?

Dispatching New Motor Carriers

No way. Sure, working with a newbie makes truck dispatcher's job tougher. You'll have to make more calls, knock on more doors. But don't see it as a hurdle; see it as an opportunity. Tell your client, "Look, finding you freight won't be a walk in the park. But I'm up for the challenge. Are you?"

You're asking them to be patient, to stick with you while you find brokers willing to take a chance on a new motor carrier. It's a team effort. You help them survive the first few months, and you've got a loyal client for life.

So, there you have it. Turn a "no" into a "yes." A challenge into an opportunity. You'll have to hustle more at the start, but it'll pay off. You and your client will have a partnership that stands the test of time.

That's a wrap for today. Until next time, keep on truckin'!


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