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Can You Dispatch Trucks Without Experience? Demystifying Truck Dispatching

Dispatching without Experience

Hello everyone! Today we're going to address a frequently asked question: Can you dispatch trucks without prior experience?

Many individuals who ask this query often confuse "experience" with "knowledge". They are actually asking, "Can I dispatch trucks without knowledge?" To clarify, the answer is a NO. It is essential to understand how truck dispatching and the load booking process work before you venture into truck dispatching. Without this knowledge, dispatching trucks becomes a serious challenge.

Learning the Ropes: The Solution to the Knowledge Problem


The good news is that this hurdle can be overcome through self-education. You have the option to invest in a training course, whether it's offered by us or another provider. The crucial factor is the quality of the course. A comprehensive training program will equip you with the necessary knowledge about truck dispatching, opening the doors for you to seek employment as a truck dispatcher or start your own truck dispatching service.

Once armed with this foundational knowledge, can you dispatch trucks without experience? Surprisingly, the answer is YES. We all have to start somewhere, right? Sure, having no experience might make things more difficult initially, but it is far from impossible.

Starting from Scratch: Dispatching Trucks Without Experience

For instance, back in 2011 when I had to dispatch my own truck, I was devoid of any experience. The road was fraught with problems that I had to face head-on, finding solutions along the way. However, this practical problem-solving process allowed me to gain invaluable experience, laying the groundwork for a successful career in the truck dispatch service.

However, it's important to acknowledge that I didn't do it alone. My friends in the trucking industry were a great help, offering advice and presenting solutions when I was unsure of the next step.

LearnDispatch Support

Post-Training Support: Your Safety Net


If you're a LearnDispatch student, remember, you have access to similar support. As part of our training program, we offer post-training support. Our team of dispatchers is always ready to assist. Should you encounter an issue with a client, or if a question leaves you stumped, you can reach out to us. We're here to share our experience and guide you through your journey.

Essentially, you're replacing your lack of experience with the wealth of experience we bring to the table. 

That wraps up our discussion for today. Remember, dispatching trucks without experience isn't impossible, it's just a matter of acquiring the right knowledge and making the most of available support


© By Roman Shmundyak June 2023

Are you thinking about becoming an independent truck dispatcher? LearnDispatch offers online truck dispatcher training courses which are suitable for people not familiar with transportation industry. Learn more about our training by visiting Training Details page or choose your course by clicking here.

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